Welcome to the Escape Fiction Books website. We are a full service bookstore located in Salem, Oregon. Full Service means we carry new and used books of both fiction genres and non-fiction areas, take in trade for trade credit and engage special orders for our customers. Escape Fiction: New Books, Used Books, Trade and Special Orders.


All new hardcovers are 15% off, subject to our pricing policy. All books $24.95 and above are also 15% off, with titles and sets $49.95 20% off, with titles and sets $99.95 25% off, for all regular titles.

Special Orders Which Are Actually Treated Specially

We take special orders for every business day. In-stock books ordered by 11:55 AM Monday-Thursday arrive the next day. In-stock books ordered after Thursday at 11:55 AM and until close of business Saturday arrive Monday. Note: The vast overwhelming majority of all books are in-stock at the warehouse but in all cases we will give you a date so you can make an informed decision.

Out-Of-Print Orders

We also do out-of-print orders as well. Inquire at the store for more details.

Teacher's Discounts

We have discounts for teachers for books used in the classroom.

Institutional Discounts

We have bulk purchase discounts, which are often of benefit to institutional, organizational and business customers.

Battle Of the Books Discounts

We have discounts for battle of the books titles for young readers, parents and teachers alike.

Things We Don't: Highlights

We do not buy books for cash

We only take in books for trade credit.