About Us

We are a full service bookstore. We carry a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. We carry literature and the classics, of course, but we specialize in genre fiction. Our non-fiction sections are smaller, but we try to keep them interesting and varied.

Escape Fiction: Books

We have an extensive collection of genre fiction, the largest of which is science fiction and fantasy books. Almost as large is our mystery/thriller section and our romance section. We also have all the other primary genres, which are smaller due to the fact that they are smaller genres in and of themselves. These include Horror, True Crime, Historical Fiction, Westerns and many others. We also carry a variety of non-fiction titles in miscellaneous areas, including history, economics, biographies, knitting, quilting and much more.

Escape Fiction Books

Escape Fiction Books was started in October, 1994 by Scott and Maria Conover. Scott and Maria started the store out of a love for books, and a love for each other. Since that time, they have spent their days running the store together, and sharing their love for books with their customers and the surrounding community.