Trade Policy

Escape Fiction Books' trade policy is based on half cash and half trade credit. That is, you can use your traded-in books to pay for up to half of your purchase in trade credit.*

Trade Credit Categories

Trade credit is divided among three categories: science-fiction, general and romance. This credit is provided based on the particular book brought in for trade credit. Science-fiction trade credit may be used for any book purchase in the store, including science fiction.

General credit may be used for any book categorized as "general", such as mystery, thriller, non-fiction and young adults, in addition for romance books. For used books, romance credit may be used towards other romance titles.

Trade Credit and New Books

However, all trade credit may be used towards new books. Thus, a newly ordered paperback costing $7.99 may have up to half of its cost covered through trade credit, which may be of any category - science fiction, general or romance credit. This applies only to new books, however.

Trade Aspects

Books are accepted on the basis of minimum quality standards for our books and the quantity of books currently in inventory. Accepted books will provide 1/2 of store price in trade credit.

* Excluding textbooks/short discount titles.

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